Code of ethics

ASEBIO’s Core ethical values

ASEBIO, the Spanish Association of Biotech Companies, represents large companies and SMEs, associations, foundations, research institutes, universities and PROs, involved in research, development, testing, production, marketing, sales and distribution of biotechnology products and services in the fields of health, agriculture, food and the environment.

The biotech industry is aware of its responsibility to ensure, through dialogue, a higher mutual understanding of ethical issues.

These issues include any cultural or religious aspect related to biotechnology, its potential impact on the environment and the adequacy of applicable regulations.

These Core Ethical Values are aimed at all those consumers, patients, members of the farming community, politicians, legislators, media and other organizations or individuals that would like to know the basic ethical values that underlie our work. All the members of ASEBIO suscribe to these Core Ethical Values.

Since biotechnology is an innovative and fast developing sector these Core Ethical Values can eventually be modified to address new issues and discoveries in the field.

General principles

  • We are committed to realizing the potential of biotechnology to improve the quality of human life.
  • We give priority to health, safety and environmental protection on approaching research, development, production and distribution of our products and services.
  • We develop and use biotechnology with full respect for human dignity and rights.
  • We communicate and share information about biotechnology and its derived products and services in a balanced way, stating both their benefits and risks.
  • We are open to dialogue with all those concerned about ethical and social implications of biotechnology.
  • We treat animals with respect and, as far as possible, limit their use in research and other activities, and keep the highest animal welfare standards.
  • We support biodiversity conservation.
  • We oppose the use of biotechnology in arms production and we will neither develop nor produce biological weapons.
  • We promote the exchange of biotechnology between developed and developing countries, paying due attention to the different cultural values in each country

Health Care

  • We respect the code of ethics of health professionals devoted to diagnosing and treating diseases, and that prescribe, dispense and use our products or services, whether for research, development or patient care.
  • We advocate confidentiality and protection of medical information, including genetic information.
  • We oppose the use or distribution, without informed consent, of any kind of information, medical or not, that might lead to intolerance or stigmatization.
  • We ensure, within our responsibilities, that informed consent is given by all the individuals participating in our research programs, being genetically analyzed or medically treated. When those individuals are unable to give their consent, their legal representatives do it according to the current legislation.
  • We neither use nor promote the use of cloning technology in human reproduction.
  • We do not support the use of human germ cells in gene therapy
  • We encourage access to professional advice in case of analysis

Agriculture, Food and Environment

  • We support improvements in the quality of food and agricultural products in order to increase the global food supply and, consequently, enhance human and animal nutrition.
  • We promote efficient and sustainable agriculture, and support new developments in biotechnology that offer farmers additional opportunities to protect or improve their crops and use natural resources more effectively.
  • We support transparent information about products to facilitate consumers making informed choices
  • We support the development of biological restitution, as well as cleaner industrial and municipal processes through biotechnology.

All ASEBIO members voluntarily agree to abide by these Core Ethical Values. The member companies may not submit any position or opinion as supported by ASEBIO unless it has been approved by ASEBIO Board of Directors.

The member companies also recognize ASEBIO’s responsibility to assess members’ deviations of these Core Ethical Values, and recommend appropriate actions to be taken after a reasonable procedure has been followed.

In case of translations being made, the original Spanish text prevails over them.

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