Vivacell Biotechnology España, S.L.
Dra. M.Luz Bellido Cabello de Alba. Managing Director
Address: Parque Científico Tecnológico de Córdoba, Rabanales 21 C/ Astrónoma Cecilia Payne, ID8.1, Edificio Centauro, Primera Planta
City: 14014 Córdoba
Province: Córdoba
Phone: 34 957290666
Mission and Objectives
VivaCell Biotechnology España SL is a privately held, preclinical-stage pharmaceutical company based in Córdoba, Spain. VivaCell is worldwide pioneer in the discovery and development of cannabidiol and cannabigerol new derivatives for the treatment of inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases.
Our preclinical development pipeline is focused on unmet medical needs in the treatment of serious life-threatening conditions. Two preclinical candidates are highlighted (VCE-004.8 and VCE-003.2) for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington's Disease and Scleroderma.
Products/Services, Areas of interest for future collaborations/Alliances
VivaCell is committed to discover and to develop new natural-derived drugs, specially phytocannabinoids, for the treatment of chronic inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases. VivaCell has developed a secuential platform of primary and secondary screenings that are able to analyse more than 20 key molecular targets in inflammation and cancer pathways. We are expert in screening of hit compounds, identification of mechanism of action and assessment of the efficacy of molecules and phytoextracts for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic uses.
Currently we have three R&D programs ongoing:
•Cannabis phytoextracts
The specific aims of our R&D programs are:
•Development of VCE-003 and VCE-004 Series in neurodegenerative diseases.
•Development of VCE-004 Series in Scleroderma.
•Discovery and development of new VCE-003 derivatives.
•Discovery and development of new Triterpenoids for therapeutic use.
•Development of CDE-001 for improvement of skin conditions.

Vivacell Biotechnology España, S.L.
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