Joaquin Juan. Director
Address: Centro Empresarial +INGENIA N-8, Parque Tecnológico Fuente Álamo. Ctra. del Estrecho-Lobosillo Km 2.
City: 30320-Fuente Álamo
Province: Murcia
Phone: 34 968197555
Fax: 34 968197554
Mission and Objectives
SEPROX BIOTECH is a Spanish company created in December 2008. Between its main business areas is the production at industrial level of Hydroxytyrosol, Hydroxytyrosol Acetate and 2-3,4 Dihydroxyphenilacetic Acid.
Products/Services, Areas of interest for future collaborations/Alliances
SEPROX BIOTECH has developed its own production process using chemical synthesis and enzymatic biocatalysts.
The great power of these compounds is its high antioxidant capacity together with its powerful free radical scavenging activity. Historically, these compounds were extracted from olive leafs, reaching lower purity levels than SEPROX BIOTECH products. They can be applied in cosmetics, nutrition, and pharmaceutical and food industries.
Its brand new production method gives SEPROX BIOTECH a competitive advantage over its competitors dedicated to extract polyphenolic compounds from natural sources, due to the quality levels (in terms of purity – over 99.7%- and deep control of impurities) that our products reach, and the reproducibility, which is extremely important when applied to nutrition, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals.
SEPROX BIOTECH offers its products to interested companies, looping for long term and strategic relationships for the development of new products.

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