ALGENEX (Alternative Gene Expression S.L.)
Romy M. Dalton, COO
Address: Centro de Empresas – Parque Científico y Tecnológico de la UPM Campus de Montegancedo
City: 28223. Pozuelo de Alarcón
Province: Madrid
Phone: 34 91 452 49 41
Mission and Objectives
Algenex develops and commercializes remarkably productive baculovirus-based technologies for the production of high quality recombinant proteins. It also manufactures difficult-to-produce, recombinant proteins for diagnostic products and vaccines, some of them immunologically potentiated by a novel, proprietary molecule.
Products/Services, Areas of interest for future collaborations/Alliances
Two technology platforms are the foundation of ALGENEX:
Top-Bac® - A proprietary expression cassette composed by several virus-derived regulatory elements that, when incorporated into the genome of a baculovirus vector, improves to unprecedented levels the productivity and quality of recombinant proteins produced by insect cells; and
IBES® - Based on the use of insect larvae as disposable, living biofactories that in combination with Top-Bac® lead to record productivities for a baculovirus-based expression system. This technology, pioneered by Algenex in Europe, allows for a rapid and linear scaling-up process; increases success with proteins difficult to express; and dramatically reduces the capital investment with respect to conventional bioreactor-based technologies.
Algenex´s key business lines are: 1) licensing its proprietary technology platforms to produce recombinant proteins, whether for investigational or commercial purposes; 2) contract manufacturing to supply diagnostic reagents and/or assisting in their development; 3) co-development of vaccines with suitable partners; 4) licensing its immunopotentiating molecule for its use in veterinary and human vaccines.

ALGENEX (Alternative Gene Expression S.L.)
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