Vytrus Biotech - Phyture
Albert Jané Font - CEO
Address: Sant gaietà 121, 2nd floor.
City: 08221Terrassa
Province: Barcelona
Phone: 34 931278109
Mission and Objectives
Vytrus Biotech, formerly known as Phyture Biotech is a spin off from Faculty of Farmacy, University of Barcelona. We are specialized in plant cell cultures technology. With this property technology, high value active ingredients are developed and produced for cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors.
Additionally, Vytrus Biotech intend to use this technological platform for recombinant proteins production.
Products/Services, Areas of interest for future collaborations/Alliances
Vytrus Biotech has developed, during the last two years, an active ingredient based on plant cell cultures of Centella asiatica. This have been done in association with the pharmaceutical company Casen Fleet to incorporate this ingredient in their new medical device product, launched in January 2013. With this launch, Vytrus Biotech becomes a pioneer in the development of active ingredients for medical devices based on plant cell cultures technology.
Nowadays, the company is strongly investing in the development of active ingredients for the treatment of several dermatological pathologies. With company property technology, the beneficial activity of several plant species are being significantly increased compared with traditional extracts commonly used.
At the same time, Vytrus Biotech is offering developing SERVICES of exclusive active ingredients and customized to satisfy each customer needs. This services are offered in both COSMETIC and PHARMACEUTICAL sectors.
In addition, the company is investing in the improvement on plant cell cultures as a technological platform for RECOMBINANT PROTEINS production. The plant cells have unique and not exploited characteristics that makes them a high potential technology in this field.

Vytrus Biotech - Phyture
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