Global Access to Health
Victor Infante. CEO
Address: Av. Desarrollo Tecnológico 11.
City: 11591 Jerez de la Frontera
Province: Cádiz
Phone: 34 856 818 424
Mission and Objectives
Bionaturis is a trading biotechnology-based group engaged in biological drug development and manufacturing for human and animal health. It is is listing in Spain (ticker BNT)
Its vision is to provide a global access to health putting ultimate health technologies and products at a more global reach of customers and users. The Group consists of 4 companies (Bionaturis, Biobide, ZIP Solutions and BNT Pacific LTD) and 2 subsidiaries (BNT China Biosciences and Biobide USA) in 6 different locations.
Products/Services, Areas of interest for future collaborations/Alliances
Active principles for prevention and treatment in human and animal health
Development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals for human and animal health
Biobide: preclinical toxicity and efficacy studies in zebrafish for Pharma, Chemical, Agro-food and Cosmetic Industries.
Zip-Solutions: Intein-based protein engineering (purification, bioconjugation); recombinant and DNA vaccines improvement.
Areas of interest:
Licensing of biotech products; Manufacturing of biologics and recombinant vaccines; Toxicity and efficacy preclinical research; Improvement of recombinant and DNA vaccines

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