Biomar Microbial Technologies
Francisco Moralejo, operations director
Address: Parque Tecnológico de León. Calle D, Parcela M-10, 4
City: 24009 Armunia
Province: León
Phone: 34 987 84 92 00
Fax: 34 987 84 92 03
Mission and Objectives
Biomar is a Biotechnological company specializing in Marine Microbiology and the Chemistry of Natural Products.
Products/Services, Areas of interest for future collaborations/Alliances
Biomar develops its own drug candidates in a variety of therapeutic areas. In parallel with the pharmaceutical sector, projects are under way since 2006 in a variety of industrial sectors such as Bio-energy and Agro-food areas.
The quest for medicinal products in the area of human health has been our main aim since the very origin of the company. The collection of compounds and their great chemical diversity, as well as our network of collaborators specializing in different pathologies, allow us to embark on projects ranging from cancer to neurodegenerative, infectious or autoimmune diseases. Other hand, we are working on natural extracts with anti-fungal activities against pathogenic fungi of the skin and on natural extracts as whiteners, antioxidants, anti-acne and anti-wrinkle products.
The food production area comprises several Biomar compounds in a very advanced stage of development, compounds that will help to increase the productivity of agriculture and the food processing industry: Natural preservatives, sweeteners, etc., in food processing, and high-performing biopesticides and fertilizers, including some that are about to be marketed world-wide
Biomar has now selected several candidates from microalgae in order to obtain fatty acids that are transformed into biodiesel; and sugars/proteins that can be used for feeding humans and animals. It is a key project for Biomar in terms to reduce the impact of current energy processes.
OUR LIBRARIES are the beginning of all our research projects due to Biomar has the world´s largest collection of marine micro-organism. We are making extraordinary advances in a wide variety of fields due to its bio diversity and presence of novel compounds.
BIOMAR is an expert in the development of production methods to obtain compounds with high purity is at the heart of this line of work. Fermentating and downstream processing have been developed in our plant for more than 50 compounds. Besides, our fermentating capacity of 30, 300, 3000 liters.

Biomar Microbial Technologies
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