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Muscletech Network Congress, closer to the end of muscle injuries
El Sr. Jordi Monés, Directivo del Fútbol Club Barcelona y responsable del área médica y deportiva (segundo por la izquierda) en la apertura del congreso, acompañado por el Sr. Xavier Gassó, Director de Gestión Sanitaria de Egarsat, el Sr. Albert Marco, Director del Consell Català de l’Esport de la Generalitat de Catalunya y el Sr. Eusebi Cima, Presidente de LEITAT
In the 4th Congressional MuscleTech Network, international experts discussed the latest results on the diagnosis and recovery from muscle injuries that will affect the performance of both professional and amateur athletes.
Barcelona, 2nd and 3rd of October 2012. - The Congress has been held in the facilities of FC Barcelona and has brought together scientists from different universities and backgrounds such as Australia, Denmark, Qatar, United States, and London among other institutions, apart from other football institutions as FIFA, UEFA and the Royal Spanish Football Federation. All of them have given their views on a type of advanced injuries that not only affect the elite sport, but the entire population.
Everyday professional activities, occasional or regular practice of sport and leisure activities or a demanding environment of elite sport, share the risk of muscle and tendon injuries.
Throughout the various editions of the MuscleTech Network Congress, and in particular in this fourth edition,the trends and progresses made to diagnose and treat these injuries have been higlighted.
Dr. Bruce Hamilton, Head of Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Hospital Qatar Sports Medicine, said that "it is appropriate to use medical interventions in the treatment of hamstring injuries."
Dr. Henning Langberg, University of Copenhagen, confirmed by his studies that "tendinopathy is a discipline with great potential for healing that still has more questions than answers."
Dr. Gil Rhodes as head coach of Muscletech Network, found an international increase in resources devoted to the investigation of the muscle and tendon. These investigations not only improve athletic performance but also open new avenues for improving the quality of life of sick muscle-tendon, for example for elderly people.
In the closing, which held a large increase over previous assistants, a document with the most important conclusions of the conference has been created and the scientific community related to the field of muscle and tendon has been invited to participate in the 5th edition of the congress.
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