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Althia boosts its R&D area with Augusto Silva
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Dr. Augusto Silva has joined Althia’s scientific team as head of R&D. His signing shows the company's commitment to research excellence in the field of Oncology.
Before joining Althia, Dr. Silva has been Head of Advanced Therapies and Transplantation of Ministry of Health, and later Director of the Laboratory of Translational Research European Institute at Celgene.
PhD in Biology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Dr. Silva has served as Deputy Director of the Center for Biological Research of the National Research Council (CSIC), Research Scientist at CSIC and Deputy Director General of the Institute of Health Carlos III. He was also Secretary of the Spanish Society of Immunology and member of the Ethics Committee and the Committee on Bioethics of the CSIC.
Dr. Silva investigations in the field of immunology has focused on the regulation interleuIL2 receptor and immune response in periodontal disease. In cancer, Dr. Silva has studied the role of p53 in regulating cell death in breast tumors, and in cell therapy, new markers studied somatic stem cells and their role in cancer. The new Director of Althia’s R&D has guided eleven thesis, and accounts for 85 international publications. Has also led twenty-eight research projects and promoted two patents.
Dr. Carlos Cordon-Cardó, Althia’s Scientific Vice President, Chair of the Department of Pathology, The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, says: "We are pleased with the incorporation of Augusto in the company. In addition to his personal charisma, his professional strength can enhance our scientific and management knowhow. Is a step forward in the implementation of new translational research strategies in cancer".
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