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AB-Biotics closes €5-millions round of funding
Barcelona, 17th December 2012.- Spanish biotechnology firm AB-Biotics, which is
traded on the Alternative Stock Market (MAB), has met their goal of closing a round of
funding for €5 millions before the end of 2012.
The company will put these funds into
driving an international expansion plan they launched at the beginning of the year and which has led them to sign contracts in various American, European and Asian markets. “We’re very satisfied with the results of the operation”, said Miquel Àngel Bonachera and Sergi Audivert, co-founders and CEOs of the company.

Of these €5 millions, 4.3 have been raised through a capital increase closed on the MAB on 14th December. After this transaction, the share capital of AB-Biotics consists of a total of 9,073,503 shares. At the close of the last session, the AB-Biotics shares
were listed on the MAB to 2.15 euros per share, giving it a market valuation of 19.5 million euros.

This capital increase has led to new shareholders entering the company, noteworthy among which is Almirall, which has purchased shares valued at €1 million. Starting in 2013, these two companies will collaborate to market Neurofarmagen, a genetic test that uses DNA extracted from a saliva sample to determine patients’ predisposition to
respond to the most common drugs used to treat diseases like depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and epilepsy, in Spain. AB-Biotics has started looking for specialized partners to market their pharmacogenetic analyses abroad, including Neurofarmagen.
Additionally, the Catalan Finance Institute (ICF) Capital MAB FCR venture capital fund has taken on stock valued at €800,000. The rest of the shares in the increase were purchased by minority shareholders.

The goal: international expansion
This move aims to fuel the international expansion plan AB-Biotics initiated at the beginning of 2012. Since then,AB-Biotics has already signed various licensing agreements to market their anti-cholesterol probiotic AB-Life in new markets: in the United States and Canada, through an agreement with Aceto Corporation; in Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela, with pharmaceutical companies Armstrong Laboratories, Biolab and Leti Laboratories, respectively; in southeastern Europe, with Slovenian company Inspharma; and in South Korea, with HanAll BioPharma. In Spain, the product is marketed by Lacer.
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