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AB-Biotics gets patent for iron solution AB-Fortis in China
Barcelona (Spain) July 26.- The Spanish biotech company AB-Biotics has been granted a patent by the China Patent & Trademark Office for the functional ingredient AB-Fortis, a patented encapsulated iron system that provides the recommended daily amount of iron in a single dose, while avoiding the metallic taste and classic side effects of standard iron supplements.
The patent protects iron-fortified food stuff and a method for producing it based on the microencapsulation of iron in an alginate matrix. The iron source product in form of solid microcapsules is suitable both for fortifying hydrated and dehydrated food stuff. Among the fortified food stuff, the patent particularly relates to a yoghurt, milk, a beverage an a meat emulsion. It is also protected the use of the iron-fortified food stuff comprising the iron microcapsules to prevent the occurrence or to reduce an iron deficiency in a human.
AB-Fortis can be incorporated into fat-rich matrices, such as milk or yogurt, without causing oxidation. In addition, AB-Fortis resists high temperatures and can be included in formulations across any pH level.

China is the fourth country to grant the patent for AB-FORTIS, already granted in Russia, Mexico and Nigeria. The patent applications for this product are currently being evaluated by the patent offices in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Europe, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Peru, Ukraine , United States, Venezuela and South Africa.

Some weeks ago, AB-Biotics signed a contract with Frutarom, one of the leading flavor and fine ingredients house ranked among the ten leading companies in the global market, to market AB-Fortis worldwide in food applications. In addition, AB-Biotics has also a contract with the Spanish company Suan Farma, which has the rights to market AB-Fortis worldwide in other products as dietary supplements and dietary foods for special medical purposes.
How AB-Fortis works:
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