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Dr. Eduardo Pareja, the CEO of Era7 Bioinformatics was invited to give a talk about metagenomics at The Royal College of Pathologists in London
The title of the talk was: "A New Cloud Computing System for Massive Analysis of Reads from Metagenomics Samples" was part of the Symposium "A New Era in Diagnostic Microbiology Pathogen Genomics; Tools and Challenges in the Control of Infectious Diseases", organized by the Health Protection Agency.
In this talk, Dr. Pareja commented:
"Traditional microbial genome sequencing relies upon clonal cultures, but the new era of genomics is facing a new challenge: the metagenomics analysis. In the next few years it is probable that metagenomics will be used in clinical diagnostic settings. Thus, metagenomics has the potential to revolutionize pathogen detection in public health laboratories by allowing the simultaneous detection of all microorganisms in a clinical sample. Hence, metagenomics will probably serve to identify new pathogens, and new infections caused by consortiums."
"MG7 is a new system for analysis of reads from metagenomics based on the use of cloud computing for the parallel computation of the BLAST similarity in which is based the inference of function and the assignment of taxonomic origin. A special peculiarity of MG7 system is the utilization of a non relational model database. MG7 uses a graph database to store the results of the analysis and to facilitate the querying and the access to the data organized in the hierarchic structure of the taxonomy tree. MG7 is an open source project that is licensed under AGPLV3 license."
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