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Era7 Bioinformatics' Bio4j project has been selected for the Google Summer of Code 2014
Google Summer of Code is a global program that offers students stipends to write code for open source projects. Google tries to identify and fund exciting projects like Bio4j.
We are really excited to announce that Bio4j has been accepted as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2014. This was the first year we applied for it, and it feels just great being part of this initiative.
Bio4j (, is a bioinformatics graph-based DB including most data available in UniProt KB (SwissProt + Trembl), Gene Ontology (GO), UniRef (50, 90, 100), RefSeq, NCBI taxonomy, and Expasy Enzyme DB. The current version (0.9) has 1.216.993.547 relationships, 190.625.351 nodes and 584.436.429 properties. Bio4j is a project of Oh no sequences! ( the research group of Era7 Bioinformatics.
Bio4j provides a completely new and powerful framework for protein related information querying and management. Since it relies on a high-performance graph engine, data is stored in a way that semantically represents its own structure. On the contrary, traditional relational databases must flatten the data they represent into tables, creating artificial ids in order to connect the different tuples; which can in some cases eventually lead to domain models that have almost nothing to do with the actual structure of data
Era7 Bioinformatics offers to its customers high added value tailored services based in Bio4j platform
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