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Presentation of Era7's new service for Cancer Genomics, Genome7, in BioSpain 2014
On 24 September 2014 Eduardo Pareja, CEO of Era7, presented for the first time in BioSpain 2014 (Santiago de Compostela) in a press conference Era7’s new service for Cancer Genomics, Genome7.
Genome7, based on the revolution Human Genomics is experimenting, offers the client high-quality Cancer Genomics Data, integrated in interactive web applications, easy-to-use and with access to the best databases, making the interpretation of the results much easier. The information generated with our service will potentially improve the diagnostics, clasification and treatment of tumors. In addition, the service will benefit from the Big Data bioinformatics platform Bio4j, developed by Era7’s team and which was recently selected by Google for its Google Summer of Code program. Bio4j will allow to offer an innovative method to visualize the results of Exomes, Genomes and RNA-seq of tumor samples.
In these three types of services (Exome, Genome and RNA-seq) the client is given a complete interpretation of the results, paired with an analysis of the biological networks the different mutations might be affecting. The results are presented in an interactive web application that facilitates their management, and besides that, the information will be stored in the Cloud for years.
Offering this new and ambitious service has been made possible by the experience of over 6 years Era7 has in Next Generation Sequencing, Genomics and Cloud Computing and the collaboration of Rafer, which has recently become Era7 Bioinformatics’ partner and will distribute exclusively this service world-wide.
To discover more about Genome7 you can download the press release or visit its webpage.
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