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InKemia IUCT enters the capital of Mind the Byte
Josep Castells, presidente de InKemia IUCT Group y Alfons Nonell.-Canals (CEO) de Mind the Byte
Mind the Byte -located at the Parc Científic de Barcelona (PCB)- and specialized in cloud computing C solutions for biomedical and biotechnological research has just closed a funding round of 200,000 € to accelerate the development and commercialization of its SaaS platforms (Software as a Service) for drug discovery. This capital increase has been led by InKemia IUCT Group, which has acquired a 5% stake in shares.
This operation has also resulted in the signing of a collaboration agreement under which both companies will be able to share customers, products and services, and will permit Mind the Byte to offer complete packages, from software or service design to product synthesis.

As provider of SaaS services (a pay-per-view distribution system) Mind the Byte brings the possibility to companies, institutions and research groups to access a range of computing and application infrastructures of scientific and technical programming through last-generation cloud platforms such as iMols and Hurakan. These platforms allow searching molecules, predicting activities, managing chemistry libraries and protein libraries and even making virtual screening and profiles in less than five minutes. All this with the added advantages of not having to invest in equipment and licenses, and with the availability of a high performance infrastructure that is always ready and without maintenance, which maximizes the use of computational techniques for matching resources to demand in real time.

"Mind the Byte is the first technology partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Spain specializing in cloud solutions applied to chemoinformatics and bioinformatics, and since the creation of the company in 2012 has increased by 25% the volume of business in this sector. Now, with this injection of capital, we will have the necessary resources to consolidate and internationalize our products and services. Moreover, the collaboration contract with InKemia IUCT enriches our portfolio, complementing both experiences (computational and laboratory), and facilitates the entry into new markets, resulting from the territorial expansion that the group is experiencing. Our collaboration with InKemia dates back a long time, within the framework of a European project. Strengthening this relationship represents for us a quantum leap", explains Alfonso Nonell-Canals, CEO and founder of Mind the Byte.

"For InKemia joining the project of Mind the Byte is an opportunity to enrich the knowledge base of the group in the area of bioinformatics, strengthening the structure of services we can offer our customers as well as our own potential to increase effectiveness and efficiency in internal R & D processes. In addition, we provide Byte Mind with the capabilities of our organization to support them in their journey of growth", says Josep Castells, CEO of InKemia-IUCT.

New board of directors

Mind the Byte – which has just been recently selected to take part in the ‘Start-up Catalonia’ acceleration program– has also strengthened its board of directors with the entry of four new members: Xavier Castells, CFO of InKemia; Galí Drudis-Solé, senior strategic consultant at Banco Sabadell; Albert Garcia-Pujadas, director of Business Development and Marketing at Tecnocampus and Marta Príncep, director of the Technological Department and Law and Consultancy Division of Bellavista firms.

"The incorporation of InKemia to Mind the Byte and the appointment of Xavier Castells as member of our board of directors represents a good opportunity for us to grow and gain from their experience and strategy, further strengthening an innovative business model and accelerate our access to MAB" says Nonell-Canals.

"Mind the Byte presents an innovative business model in its market segment and that is why we trust the project initiated by Alfons Nonell. Working together for the last year in a European project has further confirmed our trust in this start- up and we are confident about its future success", says Xavier Castells.
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