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New section 'NGS Media' on Era7 Bioinformatics website
NGS media
We are launching today in Era7 Bioinformatics website a new section called NGS media, in which you will find animations explaining some important concepts and methods related to Next Generation Sequencing.
At the moment, you can have access to two animations:

- “De novo bacterial genomes using only PacBio” illustrates how a hierarchical genome-assembly process (HGAP) is used to obtain high-quality de novo microbial genome assemblies with only a single, long-insert shotgun DNA library in conjunction with Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) DNA sequencing.
- "How to correct randomly distributed PacBio sequencing errors?” shows how an increase in coverage can help decrease the number of errors, when these are distributed randomly.

We hope you find these animations informative enough and that they can help you solve some of the questions you might have had about NGS!
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