Press release

Era7 Bioinformatics is now a member of The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health
Era7 Bioinformatics is proud to announce that it has recently become member of The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health. The Global Alliance is an international coalition formed to facilitate the sharing of genomical and clinical data, with the intention of promoting potential advancements in medicine and science.
It brings together over 220 leading institutions working in healthcare, research, disease advocacy, life science, and information technology. The idea behind this Alliance is that the promise of genomic data to revolutionise biology and medicine depends critically on our ability to make comparisons across millions of human genome sequences, but this requires coordination across organisations, methods, diseases, and even countries. The members of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health are working together to create interoperable approaches and catalyse initiatives that will help unlock the great potential of genomic data.
Era7 Bioinformatics shares this philosophy and has been since its beginning a firm advocate of the sharing of knowledge following an Open Source and Open Data approach. Being Open Source means that Era7 can concentrate all the development efforts in innovation, the design of new solutions and their adaptation to the customer. We are particular thrilled developing Bio4j, a high-performance cloud-enabled graph-based Open Source bioinformatics data platform, that integrates the data available in open data sources around protein information. This platform could be very helpful pursuing the goal of a better and useful genomics data interpretation.
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