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ONCOgenics has achieved the highest score in the program of external quality control "Oncogene panel testing" offered by the European Molecular Genetics Quality Network (EMQN).
This program has been evaluated the sensitivity and specificity of the molecular cancer diagnostic service ONCOgenics.
ONCOgenics Easy analyzes alterations in 88 genes and 15 rearrangements involved in cancer. ONCOgenics Germline analyzes more than 140 genes involved in familial cancer.

In its edition of 2015, "Oncogene panel testing" program evaluated the capacity of 40 laboratories in Europe, Asia and Oceania to correctly analyze three comparable samples that are commonly used in routine diagnosis. Some of the mutations were present only 2% of the analyzed cells (or what is the same 1% of DNA molecules). ONCOgenics correctly detected mutations present in all three samples, obtaining a 100% sensitivity and 100% specificity. The final rating assigned to ONCOgenics was 2.00 / 2.00, significantly above the average score of all participating centers, which was 1.77 / 2.00.
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