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Biorizon holds International micro alge meeting
Nineteen international operators of the auxiliary industry Agriculture participated Wednesday in a briefing with BiorizonBiotech in the experimental center Las Palmerillas in El Ejido, Almería.

Representatives of the Almeria company, based in the Technology Park of Almería, PITA, have exposed and explained the developments that are taking place at the initiative of the Almeria company in biotechnology in production of micro algae applied to sustainable agriculture, both in agricultural production and water treatment and organic waste.
They were likewise exposed micro algae applications in crop improvement.
Participants, selected by the external network Extenda and with the collaboration of the business offices of ICEX, came from Angola, Algeria, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Korea, UAE, USA, India, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Mexico , Panama, Peru, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

BiorizonBiotech main activity is the production of bio-fertilizers based on micro algae for the formulation of a wide range of solutions for intensive agriculture. In other lines of work based on biostimulants micro-organisms develop bio fertilizers, bio pesticides based insurance antagonistic micro-organisms and pesticides, no waste, for ecological and sustainable agriculture. Biotech Biorizon last December was included in the register of innovative companies in the Ministry of Economy, a matter of special satisfaction because it is a result of a job well done, as has been highlighted since the Almeria company.
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