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Era7 Bionformatics’ CEO, was at the Launching of The National Microbiome Initiative event at The White House
The National Mcrobiome Initiative
The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), in collaboration with Federal agencies and private-sector stakeholders, announced a new important initiative, The National Microbiome Initiative (NMI).
NMI is created with the objective of fostering the integrated study of microbiomes across different ecosystems, and is hosted an event to bring together stakeholders vital to advancing the NMI."I am really proud of representing Era7 Bioinformatics at this important event. Thanks to the hard work of Era7’s team along years our company is now a leader in Microbiome and Bacterial Genomics", declared Dr. Eduardo Pareja, CEO of Era7 Bioinformatics.

Microbiomes are communities of microorganisms that live on and in people, plants, soil, oceans, and the atmosphere.

Microbiomes maintain healthy function of these diverse ecosystems, influencing diverse features of the planet like human health, climate change, and food security. Dysfunctional microbiomes are associated with issues including human chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and asthma; local ecological disruptions such as the hypoxic zone in the Gulf of Mexico; and reductions in agricultural productivity. Numerous industrial processes such as biofuel production and food processing depend on healthy microbial communities.

Era7 Bioinformatics, in the context of the NMI, announces today:

-The next development of an antibiotics resistance and virulence genes resource based in Bio4j bioinformatics platform

-The next publication of a web portal for Microbiome information

-A new version of the Era7’s Open Source MG7 bioinformatics method and accompanying database DB7 for metagenomics data analysis, based now on RNAcentral. MG7 and DB7 are among the best tools available for Microbiome data analysis

Dr. Eduardo Pareja also declared: "It is a fact, and this National Microbiome Initiative is the best proof of that the Microbiome analysis will be a big revolution in the short term in many fields. This will lead to a very specialized Big Data analysis problem which is a huge opportunity for innovative and research based companies like Era7 Bioinformatics".
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