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40.000 people from Sierra Leona would benefit from the Spanish company Biorizon Biotech to grow rice for the local population as a social project.
The Spanish company plans to double production and create a local Training Agricultural School in 2017
October 24, 2016
Almeria Biorizon Biotech Company focused on the research and development of products to improve crops, has launched a non-profit initiative in Sierra Leone aimed at the production of rice. CEO David Iglesias explained that this in this a project 10 hectares of communal land would be set and put into use for a rice production, which is expected to pick up before the end of the year and can reach up to 12,000 kilos. The production will go to local consumption. About 20 people, young men and women living in the area are been appointed to this task.
The promoter of this initiative highlights that Sierra Leone has long suffered both from the scourges of war and Ebola, which caused a pandemic. "The situation in the country is becoming better so it's time to support initiatives for its progress. That's what we want to do by producing rice and creating jobs. I would like to ask others companies to join our initiative because there is a lot of work to be done. A social collaboration is needed so any further support will be welcomed.”
"During this first year – he says - we have been taking the pulse of the country as it is very complicated from a distance to set up a team to develop those 10 hectares. Our intention is to finish the harvest before year-end and, if everything goes as expected, to double the acreage in 2017". In his view, the main priority is to ensure an access to a basic food such as rice, because "many families cannot access to it due to fluctuating prices." Davis Iglesias believes that "part of our responsibility is to give back to society what we're getting from it. Fortunately, in the company everyone understands it and gets involved. "
Plans for the future
The initiative will expand in 2017 the surface in operation until 20 hectares with. The profit to come from the sale of production would be invested on creating an agricultural training school that would offer continuity and a future for the area. 'We are acting, he explains, in a country inhabited by about forty thousand people living in different nuclei district, not very far apart. The first harvest will serve to guarantee access to basic food such as rice. We hope too to have the cooperation of United Nations proper distribution d production'.
Sierra Leone The project is supervised by Biorizon Biotech through one of its workers, Victor, a native of Sierra Leone and former child soldier who came to Spain under the University of Almeria protection. He was educated and trained in agriculture in Almería and currently belongs to the staff of the company. David Iglesias stated that "Victor received training in our country, which has now allowed him to work with us and start this project that fills you with hope because it will benefit their region, is delighted to see that it will be able to help his people. He is very aware of the whole project and is controlling every step in order to be sure everything is made properly”.
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