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Custom PCR Master Mixes Ship in 10 Days with New Promega cGMP PCR Kit for Rapid Assay Development
Now available, the Promega PCR Optimization Kit allows customers to rapidly define their own unique PCR master mix manufactured under cGMP for research or clinical use. The user’s defined optimal solution may then be ordered from Promega at any time with a unique part number as a custom cGMP master mix for shipment within ten business days.
The PCR Optimization Kit includes magnesium chloride, GoTaq® MDx Hot Start Polymerase, and eight PCR buffers with an array of performance characteristics all manufactured under cGMP. The accompanying user guide provides instruction to quickly isolate the ideal configurations for a variety of PCR applications.
Doug Storts, Ph.D., Head of Research at Promega, calls the system a game changer for assay developers who will no longer be forced to settle for one-size-fits-all catalog master mixes. “In the early days of PCR, labs developed significant expertise in modulating and optimizing PCR incubation times and temperatures, enzyme choices, and salt concentrations,” says Storts. “The Promega PCR Optimization Kit returns this level of expertise to every lab by offering the component choices along with a map to the best possible solution.”
Early access users have identified their ideal PCR assays in as little as one month from receipt of the PCR Optimization Kit. And because the components of the PCR Optimization Kits are available in product inventory, Promega can supply additional components as needed for special purposes, such as identifying a master mix that will work across multiple applications.
This is the approach taken by the Children’s Hospital of Colorado, where Qi Wei, Ph.D., Scientific Director of the Molecular Diagnostics Lab, uses the kit to optimize multiple qPCR viral quant tests. He observed, “The Promega kit simplifies the complexity of PCR formulation options without compromising flexible and fast performance optimization.”
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