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Plant Fascintation Day
With the goal of approaching the biotechnology and its contribution in the agriculture to the society, along this year, Iden Biotechnology is carrying out different informative actions.
Recently, IDEN has participated on the XXII meeting of the Spanish Society of Plant Physiology (SSPP) and the XV Hispano-Portuguese Congress of Plant Physiology where IDEN joined to other businessmen and researchers to discuss about "Perspectives in the Academic Formation of Plant Physiology: The University - Industry interaction".
Last 18th of May Iden Biotechnology joined to a numerous group of international entities to celebrate the IV International Fascination of Plants Day. IDEN opened itsºdoors to receive a group of science students from High School. The objective was to transmit our fascination to plants and its potential, by making known the activities IDEN performs, by interacting with the future generation of researchers.
This event was promoted by the European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO) an independent academic organization that represents more than 220 institutes of research and universities from 31 countries, currently it is presided by CSIC.
Entitled “Benefits of using biotechnology for agriculture” IDEN wanted to make known how biotechnology tools contribute to the agriculture improvement as it is dealt every day at IDEN, such as: crops improvement, plant protection against stress and food production, by preserving the environment and by promoting the plant biodiversity.
Iden Biotechnology presented their successful cases of using biotechnology for improving aspects in agriculture. In a pleasant, enjoyable, practical and participative way, accompanied by IDEN’s staff students between 16-17 years old could know the benefits of using biotechnology. The event included presentations, debates, where the student participated actively and a guided visit to our facilities.
Last January, Nora Alonso Casajús, IDEN’s CEO, participated on the CIENCIA EN EL BAR event, which is a cycle of conferences with the objective of approaching the science to society. This event is organized by The Club de Amigos de la Ciencia of Pamplona.
IDEN contributed to this initiative by presenting IDEN BIOTECHNOLOGY’s experience, a company that works on a sustainable and efficient agricultural production improvement to cover future population needs. IDEN BIOTECHNOLOGY was presented as an example of how to reverse to society the profits discovered at laboratory scale.
In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere Nora Alonso exposed the importance of agriculture, how agricultural production has increased along the history. She explained all the technologies used that have revolutionized the society as it is the case of biotechnology.
IDEN will keep on contributing to generate interest in the society regarding the possibilities offered by the biotechnology to the agriculture and to motivate a new generation of researchers on the agriculture domain.
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