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medmesafe, a new ehealth genetic analysis platform, has been launched
A new eHealth platform for genetic analysis and video consultation for private patients, is finally online, backed by an internationally recognized Ethical Committee.
medmesafe is an online platform offering analysis and genetic counseling through videoconference, taking personalized medicine to a 100% digital experience. connects three pillars (patients, professional health experts and clinical analysis labs) integrating in a single web environment the most advanced preventive medicine services, through the information contained in the patient's genome.

In order to ensure a service that fully complies with the legal framework and good ethical practices, medmesafe has the collaboration of a Scientific and Ethics Committee composed of experts of international prestige in fundamental sciences and medicine.

To date, at, up to 16 genetic services (analysis and video-counseling) are available in the areas of Oncology, Cardiology, Neurology, Traumatology and Nutrition and Food Intolerance. With these services, anyone can know their predisposition to different diseases with a strong genetic component and act proactively to improve their health and well-being.

Born of the partnernship of a French entrepreneur and a doctor of European reputation, medmesafe has the support of ASEBIO (Spanish Association of Bio-enterprises) and the Foundation of the Science Park of Madrid, where its HQ is located.

At the moment, medmesafe has reached to agreements of collaboration with qGenomics and Genyca, two of the most important genetic analysis laboratories in Spain, although its plans are to expand in more European markets.
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