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DR Healthcare, global food producer for the DAO deficit
10 years DR Healthcare
The biomedical company has obtained 40 global patents on the deficiency of DAO and its associated pathologies during the last decade
DR Healthcare, a biomedical company specializing in functional biology and metabolism, reaches its tenth anniversary by initiating the world production of a new generation of dietary foods to combat Diamino Oxidase deficiency (DAO).
The company has dedicated its activity to the I+R i of new non-pharmacological products aimed at preventing chronic diseases of high prevalence
During these ten years, the company has dedicated its activity to research, development and innovation of new non-pharmacological products, aimed at preventing chronic diseases of high prevalence, mainly associated with the deficit of the DAO enzyme, a disorder of metabolism that is estimated to affect to 15% of the population.
Since 2007, she has focused her clinical research work on the deficit of DAO and its associated symptoms, developing and innovating dietetic foods for the treatment of these symptoms. As a result, DR Healthcare has more than 35 worldwide patents on DAO deficiency and associated pathologies caused by this metabolic deficit, such as migraine, fibromyalgia, dermatological disorders, rhinitis, irritable colon or ADHD.
The therapeutic area in which DR Healthcare has mainly developed its activity is migraine. In addition, he has positioned himself as the promoter of the research project integrated by various clinical studies in recent years, linking the deficit of the enzyme Diaminooxidase (DAO) as a trigger of migraine for its role in the metabolism of histamine, a molecule that is present in all the foods of the daily diet.
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