Press release

BACAGRO Proyect successfull completion
Bacagro final Meeting
BACAGRO concludes with excelent results for improvement of agroicultural fertility.
Joint work of the University of Almeria, Cajamar, Biorizon Biotech and Clever under European Union's Feder Funds.
BACAGRO has been a project led by the biotechnology company BiorizonBiotech from Almeria. University of Almería has participated through its Center for Research in Agri-Food Biotechnology (BITAL) and the Cajamar Foundation, coordinated by the Almeria consultancy Clever I + C, specialized in I'D biotechnology and agri-food. The execution of the project has required an investment of more than half a million euros, financed by the ERDF Funds for European Regional Development and managed through the State Program for Research, Development and Innovation Oriented to the Challenges of Society (Call RETOS-Collaboration 2015 of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness).

BiorizonBiotech has indicated that the success of BACAGRO will not only advance the technology of production and use of bacteria in agriculture but will also guarantee the development of sustainable practices.
The achievement of these objectives has made clear the possibility of increasing the productivity of crops under plastic thanks to the minimization of diseases caused by fungi and other pathogens, while reducing the use of chemical agents currently used for control of these, in addition to the biostimulant capacity shown for several strains of the ones identified and used in the new biotechnological solutions developed. In addition to the production of these bacteria with application, a novel exclusive process developed by Biorizon Biotech has been developed for its cultivation and commercialization.
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