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Biolatam has already received six offers to host the 2015 edition
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The event ends with over 700 attendees from 29 countries and around 900 business development meetings registered.
Madrid, 11 December 2013. The first edition of Biolatam, the big date for world biotech with interests in Latin America, closed in Bogota (Colombia) yesterday with significant numbers for its consolidation after only its first edition.

Up to six countries from around Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Chile and Colombia itself) have shown interest in hosting the event in 2015, the next edition to be celebrated in Latin America. Before that, as part of Biospain 2014, which will take place from the 24th to the 26th of September 2014 in Santiago de Compostela (Galicia) the Biolatam Showcase will bring Latin American biotechnology closer to Spain.

Biolatam (, which is organised by the Spanish Bioindustry Association (ASEBIO) and Invest in Bogota, has also received the institutional support of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, iNNpulsa, Bogota City Hall(Department of Economic Development) and the Gobernación de (Department of) Cundinamarca (Department of Science, Technology and Innovation).

In total, 700 delegates from 29 countries attended the event. Around 850 formal business development meetings have been registered thanks to the software facilitated by the organisation, although the number would be higher if informal meetings were included. During the course of the event a large number of collaboration agreements have also been made public.

Amgen, the California based company, announced the opening of a new subsidiary in Colombia during Biolatam, with the objective of commercialising its innovative medical products. The company also announced that Michael Himmel has joined Amgen as General Director for Colombia.

Esperanza Guisado, Director of Institutional Relations at Grifols said that they are aware of the existing opportunities in biotchnology. “We have attended Biolatam because it is the first conference of its type in Latin America. Our clients have asked us for the continuity of the projects in Latin America. There are many business opportunities here,” she explained.

Grifols started making inroads in Latin America in 1991 with the opening of branches in Chile and Argentina. Grifols now has a direct commercial presence in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. It has worked in Colombia since 2010. It is currently building a plant in Brasil for the production of bags for blood collection and storage as part of the international expansion strategy of its Diagnostic division.

As regards Sartorious, the biotechnology division manager at Sartorious México, Erick Sabido, stated that his Spanish subsidiary told him about Biolatam and that they saw the opportunity of participating in the event as Kaika distributes its products in Colombia. “We have found that there is interest in our new line of bioreactors, we could sign several fermentation or cell culture projects,” he explained.

The CEO of Biópolis, Daniel Ramón, explains that there is an increasing interest for its product in Latin América. “We have an agreement with Rosmi, importers of raw materials for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Probiotics are the ingredients which are attracting most attention,” he underlined.

Biolatam has been the platform chosen by the Spanish company OWL Metabolomics, part of Cross Road Biotech, and the Colombian company COLFARH SAS to sign an agreement through which the latter will take charge of the distribution of hepatic diagnostic test in Colombia. According to Pablo Ortíz, Market Development Manager at OWL, “this agreement is very important for establishing our presence in Latin America”.

Javier Velasco, CEO of Neol Biosolutions, confirmed that they are looking for ways to implant their technology in the biofiels area. They recently signed an agreement with Colbiocel, the colombian company which provides them agricultural raw materials, at the same time they will look for a way to insert their technology into that market. “We have had meetings with manufacturers in the industry,” he explained.

The President of Inkemia IUCT Group, Josep Castell, said that they were interested in attending Biolatam because they saw that Colombia is very in line with their advances, in cosmetics as well as in bioenergy and biotechnology. “There are shared interests and a vision for the future of the country, as well as its growth and development. We have moved forward on agreements in the licensing and technology services areas, as well as cooperative projects with other companies. We are working on establishing ourselves within the country,” he confirmed.

Managing Director of Genetrix, Juan Carlos del Castillo, believes that the latin market is very important for all european firms, “we have done some business in Colombia but we hope to do more. Because of Biolatam, we have been able to finalise agreements with some colombian companies.”

Damaso Molero, General Manager at 3P Biopharmaceuticals, announced that they are going home after signing agreements and making good contacts both in protein development and cellular therapy, “we are signing agreements on process development so they can be transferred here, that's why we are talking to local pharmaceutical companies, we already have some mexican and argentinian clients.”

Xabier Abad, Product Manager at BTI Biotechnology Institute, highlights that they were interested in attending Biolatam to increase their exposure in Latin America, although the company has already been undergoing an internationlisation process for some time. “We needed Latin America, we are looking at the market and listening to proposals, in the short to medium term we want to set up a subsidiary in Brazil. We have already been negotiating agreements with colombian and peruvian companies, we are also looking for collaborations at the research level.”

The event, which has taken place between the 9th and the 10th of December in the colombian capital thanks to the joint planning and organisation by the Spanish Bioindustry Organisation (ASEBIO) and Invest in Bogota, has been attended by 118 Colombian companies (41,1%), 74 Spanish companies (24%) and important delegations from the US (6,6%), Brazil (4,5%) and Chile (4,2%) as well as from other countries such as China, India, Finland, Germany, the UK and Holland, amongst many others.

In total, Biolatam has hosted 700 representatives from 29 countries, with 298 companies which have brought 450 delegates, primarily attracted by the chance to set up business development meetings, by the pannel of experts and the conferences which have taken place over the two days. Furthermore, the event, which has been held in the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, has hosted a commercial fair with 23 exhibitors.


BIOLATAM is a global partnering forum with a Latin American focus, it is open to companies, researchers and risk capital entities. The partnering section has been managed using PartneringOne software provided by EBD Group – which has been a service provider for Biospain and other high profile fairs- included a conference programme on bioeconomy, biofuels, advanced therapies, food biotechnology, personalised medicine, health products and risk capital as well as other subject areas.

The event aspires to take place on a biennal basis on odd numbered years with the objective of becoming the leading forum in Latin America for the biotechnology sector and the promotion and development of business relationships between biotechnology companies as well as their relationship with user and associated sectors (pharma, health products, food, veterinary products, energy, among others) from all over the world but with particular interests in Latin American countries.


The Spanish Bioindustry Association (ASEBIO) comprises 235 members, mainly small businesses born out of the research activities of universities and national research centres.

ASEBIO has, since 1999, been a meeting point and platform for the promotion of those organisations interested in the national biotechnology field. To that end, ASEBIO works closely with regional, national and European administrations, as well as all those social organisations interested in the use of biotechnology for the improvement of our quality of life, the environment and the creation of highly skilled jobs.

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