Productos de Neurofix sl

NFX81 Neurofix sl
NFX81 NFX81 is a synthetic monounsaturated fatty acid derivative which shows great potency in the treatment of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), achieving mobility recovery of up to 80% in animal models after 4 weeks treatments, whereas control animals recover just 10 to 15% of their mobility.
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NFX88 Neurofix sl
NFX88 (based on hydroxioleic acid) is a non-steroideal antiinflammatory drug with GPCR-G protein uncoupling activity that alleviates pain of neural origin. It is formulated for convenient oral administration.
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NFX91 Neurofix sl
NFX91 is a product developed by the Neurofix team for the treatment of sleep disturbances, it is possible to indicate that approximately 58% of adults in Western countries suffer from insomnia for two or more nights a week.
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