23rd Drug Discovery Innovation Programme

Estados Unidos
Drug discovery

Meet and learn from world-class speakers and drug discovery experts who are helping to shape the future of the pharmaceutical industry. Get ready to immerse yourself and embrace the opportunity to learn from your peers who are actively involved in drug discovery.

Expand your horizons and make valuable connections, unleash the power of networking in an industry-focused environment. Provide a platform for cross functional collaboration enabling you to leverage diverse skill sets and approaches t o f i n d innovative solutions to real-world drug discovery challenges. Make new connections, expand your perspectives, discover the power of meeting inspirational people.

Engage with industry experts, thought leaders and fellow attendees to explore the latest trends, innovations and challenges in the drug discovery landscape. Engage in focused discussions, exchange business cards and build relationships that can propel your career and organization forward.”

Closed registration.


Los socios de Asebio disponen de un 10% de descuento en el registro.