Bio Korea International Covention

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Bio Korea International Covention

BIO KOREA serves as a platform of holding conferences every year where globally renowned scholars and experts in healthcare engage in exchanges and discussion on the latest trend in industrial technology. This year, under the theme of Breaking Barriers with Bio Innovation, advanced format of hybrid conference will provide various sessions on AI, precision medicine, digital therapeutics, cancer immunotherapy, vaccine, and therapeutics, etc. BIO KOREA 2021, held both online and offline, encourages you to experience what the bio health industry has to offer in the new normal era.

BIO KOREA 2021 is a venue for experiencing the latest trend in industrial technology and products in the Bio industry. This year will be active exchanges as On-site and virtual exhibitions will be held together. They invite you to BIO KOREA 2021 with global companies related to the Bio industry which include healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, cosmetics, and food as well as companies and institutions of interest in consulting, academia, and related healthcare agencies.