MEDICA, el Foro Mundial de la Medicina

The MEDICA HEALTH IT FORUM is your platform for innovations. Top speakers and protagonists of the scene will reflect on the latest developments in the field of digital health solutions in top-class expert panels, tech talks and deep dive sessions. In addition, you will find topic-related exhibits from universities and research institutions in the adjoining exhibition area, giving you a comprehensive and tangible picture of the future of IT-based medicine.

The pioneers of the industry discuss openly and across all disciplinary and sectoral boundaries. The panels and sessions are bundled into four main topics: On the opening day, we will address various aspects of modern and user-friendly, i.e. mobile and web-based, healthcare under the topic "Virtual care & digital therapeutics". The MEDICA Tuesday is dedicated to "Medical artificial intelligence & robotics". Here you will learn everything about the current state of data-driven research, for example about the possibilities and (ethical) limits of affective computing, about the use of synthetic data or about robotic process automation. On Wednesday, new "Fields of innovation" will be discussed, for example, "Smart implants" or "Biomedical platforms". And on the final day of MEDICA, under the main topic "Societal aspects of digitized healthcare", we will discuss new work ideas or the cultural change brought about by digitization.