Biofish 7000 his continues to consolidate its position thanks to the good results obtained in the latest profiency tests

Acceso a la innovación

BIOLAN’s BIOFISH 7000 HIS method has obtained an excellent score in the latest Proficiency Testing carried out by LGC Standards, the UK National Measurement Institute’s proficiency testing laboratory. On this occasion, the BIOFISH 7000 HIS equipment has been subjected to a comparative study with the current official reference methods that measure histamine in fish, such as High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and ELISA.
In addition to this last recognition, we have also participated in two other Proficiency Tests: one organised in July by the same laboratory mentioned above; and the other, in September, organised by FAPAS, one of the best known proficiency testing laboratories in the world.

The increase in cases of food poisoning in recent years has led to an intensification of demands on the part of the food industry. Histamine, the maximum levels of which are regulated by EU legislation, has become the key parameter for determining the freshness and quality of fish, as this amine is the cause of food poisoning similar to those caused by food allergens.

Validated in a wide variety of matrices, it is a tool designed to meet the needs and particularities of different sectors: extractive fishing, canning, flour and even in trading, as it is already used in buying and selling operations to determine qualities in seconds and to establish prices between the parties.
BIOFISH 7000 HIS is gaining popularity as a portable and extremely easy-to-use device that delivers results in seconds.