Teamwork and partnerships with other public and private organizations, both in Spain and abroad, are essential for AseBio to achieve it is goal: to make biotechnology a key element for promoting innovation and, as a result, social and economic development.

There are many different collaboration frameworks, including long-term agreements with public and private organizations that allow us to promote the areas that are high priorities for us (analyzing the biotechnology sector, internationalization, mobilizing society and impacting politics), partnerships with companies to offer our members their services with special conditions, and public funding for projects.

Acuerdos institucionales
Institutional agreements

In order to create the optimal political, economic and social environment for the biotechnology sector to develop, we have to join forces. The collaboration agreements we have signed with national and international organizations allow us to build joint proposals to submit to political and economic authorities, promote internationalisation and spread biotechnology knowledge.

Imagen del mapa europeo con conexiones entre países

The global dimension of the biotechnology market makes cooperation in cross-border projects essential to achieve significant changes in industry and society that allow extracting the full potential of biotechnology in areas such as health, food or energy production, among others.