Mission and values


To transform the country’s growth model through the biotechnology industry to promote a more competitive economy that improves people’s lives and the planet’s sustainability.



To consolidate and grow the biotechnology ecosystem in Spain to promote new sustainable growth and truly cutting-edge health.



  • Commitment to science and innovation: we believe that scientific knowledge is the foundation of progress and, as such, in the biotechnology industry we take it as our responsibility to generate and transform knowledge into innovations that impact society and the economy.
  • Vocation to serve members: we align all AseBio actions with our members’ interests and believe our work is to serve economic development and the welfare of society.
  • Collaboration: at AseBio we dialogue actively with all stakeholders involved in our areas of interest and collaborate with those who make decisions to bring about improvements in the biotechnology sector by contributing expertise, commitment and loyalty.
  • Assertiveness: at AseBio we strive to promote proposals for change and improvements based on conviction and reflection, with a positive spirit that is based on dialogue and the ability to present a strong case.
  • Transversality: we are committed to driving all subsectors that use biotechnology (human and animal health, agrifood, environment, industrial processes, etc.), as well as the biotechnology ecosystem as a whole, including the wide variety of biotechnology companies, public research bodies and funding stakeholders.
  • Ethics: At AseBio we have made it our responsibility to address society’s ethical concerns, upholding the most demanding ethical standards, as reflected in our fundamental ethical values.