The General Assembly of members is the highest decision-making body at AseBio. It meets at least once a year, to approve the budget, accounts and schedule of activities, and to appoint the Board of Directors, who serve two-year terms.

The Board has a Chairman, who is the highest legal and institutional representative of AseBio, three vice presidents and 16 additional members. The Board makes decisions and promotes the association’s activities, which are executed by a team of professionals headed by the AseBio CEO.


Organigrama Responsive

In order to encourage members to participate in discussing and drafting proposals for actions to consolidate the Spanish biotechnology sector, we've created various Committees. They are broken down into workgroups, which tackle a wide variety of topics. Some of these include promoting drug discovery, driving biomedical innovation, access to funding, applications of biotechnology in agrifood and communication with society in general.


Nueva presidencia y vicepresidencias de AseBio. Carlos Buesa, CEO de Oryzon (Vicepresidencia primera); Rocío Arroyo, CEO de Amadix (Presidenta de AseBio); Adriana Casillas, CEO y cofundadora de Tebrio (Vicepresidencia tercera).

Board of Directors

The Board is in charge of implementing the strategic lines approved by the General Assembly of members and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the association, representing Asebio in the various forums and alliances we are part of.



Professionals who organize and coordinate Asebio’s activities, focused on bringing about political and economic changes that promote the development of the biotechnology sector.


Through committees and their workgroups, Asebio members make their voices heard and put together proposals to make the most of biotechnology’s potential for innovation in healthcare, agrifood and bioeconomy.