The commissions and their various workgroups are used to allow AseBio members to participate in decisions on the challenges we should tackle. Each commission is coordinated by a member company and is open to any of our members. Currently, there are four commissions. 

Click on each one to learn more about their goals, how they are organized and how you can get involved.

Comisión de salud
Healthcare Commission

We promote R + D + i in health to ensure patients' access to the innovative medicines and therapeutic approaches provided by biotechnology.

innovación agroalimentaria
Agrifood Commission

We work so that agri-food production can benefit from biotechnological advances, in order to obtain healthier, more sustainable products that respect the environment, promoting the bioeconomy.

Comisión de retos transversales
Transversal Challenges Commission

We promote actions to give impetus to three key areas of business development: access to finance, attracting and managing talent and communication.

Comisión de servicios
Services Commission

Our objective is to recognize the essential contribution of specialized services to the development of the biotech sector and the high quality of services available.