Healthcare Commission

Comisión de salud

Healthcare has undoubtedly been one of the applications that has most pushed forward development of biotechnology, not only in Spain but around the world.

More than half of all AseBio members are involved in what is known as red biotechnology. This field is providing innovative solutions for more effective, personalized treatment and diagnosis and to unmet medical needs.

In the Healthcare Commission, we are particularly concerned with making sure everyone has access to the innovative solutions biotechnology is giving us. So, we make proposals and work with the government to bring about the conditions necessary to achieve this.

  • To influence regulatory processes that affect the application of biotechnology in healthcare
  • To help develop and improve the Spanish Healthcare System, promoting access to biotechnological innovation that is compatible with sustainability
  • To raise awareness of the contributions biotechnology makes to help and further recognition as a sector that generates a lot of value added
Work groups
Access to the market of innovative medicines
Beatriz Perales (SOBI)
  • Follow legislative and political activity in Spain and the EU, and prepare proposals, especially on prices, financing and regulatory processes
  • Participate in relevant parliamentary presentations for the development of the sector
  • Develop proposals to promote access to innovation in the NHS
  • Encourage the development of new orphan drugs and foster equitable access for all patients
  • Participate actively in the discussion and analysis forums of the sector
  • Promote knowledge of biotechnology and innovative medicines among patients
Personalized medicine and advanced diagnosis
Ana Martín (Amadix)
  • Achieve a more homogenous and transparent market access of in vitro diagnostic products (IVD)
  • Promote a favorable regulation for diagnosis and personalized medicine
  • Promote the early application of quality standards in genetic diagnosis
  • Create the conditions for the development of personalized medicine (biobanks, access to patient data, personalized treatments, safety and efficacy)
Drug discovery
Arsenio Nueda (Almirall)
  • Value the capacities and experience of the Spanish bioindustry in the field of drug discovery
  • Cooperate in joint activities with other national and international agents working on drug discovery, seeking complementarities and the rationalization of resources
  • Introduce new technologies for the development and discovery of new drugs, especially to students, through workshops, courses and seminars
Members of the commission
Enrique Castellón