We valorise talent in our diverse, highly qualified sector

Human resources and their talent are our most prized asset. We safeguard them, seek them out, drive them and put them in the best position, all to manage advances and innovation in the biotechnology sector. Without this resource, it is impossible for companies to develop.  

talento y diversidad

Why is talent important to the biotechnology sector?

Science and highly qualified talent are at the core of biotechnology companies. The biotechnology sector has a brilliant talent pool and companies value very highly both their employees’ level of education and the availability of qualified personnel. Our sector has the highest percentage of researchers among its employees and is a leader in employing women in R&D activities.

What do we do at AseBio to promote talent, entrepreneurship and diversity in the biotech sector?

At AseBio we work to valorise our sector’s talent with metrics and indicators on our work force, which are included in the annual AseBio Report. 

We want to better understand our companies’ needs and that’s why we use studies and reports to analyse the challenges, hurdles and expectations for attracting talent to our sector.  


At AseBio we want to better understand our sector’s future talent, which is why each year we analyse the number of students enrolled in biotechnology studies, the number of researchers and the number of women working in the biotechnology sector. 

We want to promote talent in our sector, so we have co-organised the Master in Management of Health Biotechnology Companies with CEU University since 2014.

We have a Talent, Entrepreneurship and Diversity workgroup, which aims to share good practices in equality, retain talent in our sector and help scientists working abroad to return.