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Most of the 271 AseBio members are companies, of various types and sizes. However, there are also a significant number of research bodies, science parks, universities, professional associations and foundations (19% of association members) working to promote the development of biotechnology in Spain.

Asebio Directory

As the graphs show, 67% of members are Spanish SMEs. Roughly 15 of these (5% of general membership) are startups created within the last three years and 8% of members are multinational corporations.

The bulk of our members focus on healthcare biotechnology (65%) and the second largest group is specialized service companies (30%). These companies focus on various markets, including biomedicine, agrifood and industrial biotech. Smaller groups focus on agrifood biotechnology (14%) and industrial biotechnology (10%).

In the directory you will find contact information for each of our members, a description of what they do and their products or services, and their areas of interest for possible collaborations. In their file, you can also see any job offers they have posted on our jobs board and press releases they have published.

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