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ARTHEx Biotech
Beatriz Llamusí, CEO
Calle Catedrático Alejandro Escardino 9
Areas of activities
  • A. Health Biotechnology
    • Areas of activity
      • Drug development
      • Drug discovery
    • Therapeutic areas
      • Genetic and rare diseases

ARTHEx is developing antisense RNA treatments against unmet genetic diseases.  

Our first product is a new first-in-class drug, which is an antisense RNA therapy addressed to the treatment of myotonic dystrophy type 1

Products and services

ARTHEx first product in the pipeline will be selected from a set of proprietary antisense RNA molecules (inhibitors of microRNAs or anti-miRNAs) for the treatment of myotonic dystrophy through a first-in-class approach. These molecules have shown a promising and long-acting  therapeutic  potential in vivo after subcutaneous injection in a mouse model of the disease (Nature Communications doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-04892-4)

Areas of interest for future collaborations

Seeking investors for launching first-in-human trial , collaborators with experience in RNA therapeutics and pharma leaders willing  to collaborate under straight license or option co-development schemes.

Biotech Sanitaria

Drugs National Companies
Product / Service Type Therapeutic area Development phase
Anti-miRNA Biodrugs/ Drugs Desórdenes musculoesqueléticos R&D
ARTHEx-01 Biodrugs/ Drugs Enfermedades genéticas y raras, Desórdenes musculoesqueléticos Preclinical
Research Platforms
Product / Service Type Development phase
ENTRY Platform Drug Delivery Preclinical