Ascil Biopharm


Contact information

Ascil Biopharm
Anna Garcia Puig, Project Manager in Business Innovation
Parc Tecnològic del Vallès - Av. Universitat Autònoma, 1
Cerdanyola del Vallès
Areas of activities
  • A. Health Biotechnology
    • Areas of activity
      • Medical devices
      • Drug delivery
      • Drug development
      • Vaccines
    • Therapeutic areas
      • Analgesia & Pain
      • Dermatology
      • Infectious diseases
      • Inflammatory diseases
      • Gynaecology and obstetrics
      • Immunology
      • Ophtalmology and optometry
      • Oncology
      • Central nervous system
      • Metabolic disorders / Endocrinology
  • B. Agrifood Biotechnology
    • Agriculture / veterinary / environmental
      • Animal health / Veterinary
  • C. Industrial Biotechnology
    • Monomers and polymers
  • D. Services
    • R&D services
      • CRO / CMO / SMO
    • Professional services
      • Consultancy
      • Supplies and materials providers

ASCIL Biopharm is a Drug Delivery Systems (DDS) company focused on research and development of injectable formulations and medical devices with innovative solutions to enhance efficacy, safety and patient outcomes.

The company's fields of activity are the Lifesciences and Healthcare, including Human health (Pharma and Biotech), Animal health and Dermo-cosmetic care innovations.

Products and services

Ascil differential know-how lies in particular in four main areas: controlled release formulations (CRF) for systemic delivery (high dose and high concentration), CRFs for locoregional delivery (small dose and high concentration), precision medical devices for liquid, viscous and solid injectables, and manufacturing of clinical batches. 

The portfolio of Ascil is cantered in the following:

  • Controlled Release Formulations (CRF): we are developing APOC and AQUE two Systemic Somatostatin Analogs formulations with novel composition with improved bioavailability and treatment efficacy of neuroendocrine tumours and acromegaly. We are under clinical development with both products.
    Moreover, to cover an unmet medical need, we are also developing innovative implants for locoregional treatment of nail diseases with antifungals (OnyMed).
  • Precision Medical Devices (PMD): we have developed different innovative devices to improve drug administration for both patients and caregivers. From all our technological solutions we highlight: Plaisir, a Control Injectors that use rotation to avoid injection force, control the delivery and enhance stability regardless of the viscosity. SelFill, Micro Dispensers for painless injections using low volumes of liquid or viscous products with dose accuracy and precise target location. And, DuoLapse, Combo Connectors, first devices to inject two or more products sequentially in a single shot without mixing.

Ascil's know-how and experience deals with the following R&D+I scientific areas:

  • Preformulation, formulation, physico-chemistry & pharmaceutical analysis innovation and development focused on Drug Product Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) of peptides, proteins, and chemical entities. Advanced bio-pharma CMC technologies, engineering and processes
  • Bioanalysis and biopharmacy (preclinical management and clinical follow-up)
  • Medical technology: devices for administration, design of specific container closure systems
  • Manufacturing of clinical batches

Our interest for future collaborations and partnering possibilities rely on:

  • Licencing: Transfer Drug Delivery Innovation Systems with proof-of-concept and intellectual property.
  • Co-development: Collaborations to accelerate development of DDSs for new or existing products.
  • Expert DDS Service: Offer advanced services to support partners on their drug delivery system’s needs, 
  • Contract manufacturing of clinical batches.


Areas of interest for future collaborations

Controlled release formulations

  • Precision medical devices
  • Injectable and Loco-regional therapy
  • Manufacturing of clinical batches
  • Drug product and process development, CMC
  • Healthcare and Lifesciences
  • Life Cycle management and reprofiling
  • Formulation of peptides and proteins
  • Advanced physico-Chemistry, self-assembly, nanotechnology
  • Process and Engineering from Lab bench to industrial scale-up
  • Biopharmacy