BDI biotech

BDI Biotech (Logo 2019)

Contact information

BDI · Biotechnology Development for Industry, SL
Emilio Gutierrez. Responsable de Desarrollo de Negocio
13th Louis Proust St. · Technological Park of Boecillo
47151 Boecillo
983 548 563
Areas of activities
  • Agriculture / veterinary / environmental
    • GM Crops
  • Food
    • Animal Food / Feed
  • C. Industrial Biotechnology
    • Enzymes
    • Fermentation or biocatalysis
    • Residues valoration
  • D. Services
    • Professional services
      • Engineering

BDI biotechnology provides biotechnological services and solutions in the AgroIndustrial and Food fields to bring ideas from bench to reality

The company works as an external R&D department specialized in bioprocess development and scale up, whether production or applications of microorganisms and bioproducts obtained from them.

Products and services
  • Organism Selection & Improvement: BDI provide services and tools to express this kind of products in several microbial expression systems: yeast, fungi or bacteria
  • BioProcess Development & Scale Up: BDI has a strong expertise in bioprocesses optimization, whether upstream and downstream or applicating these bioproducts: Furthermore, the company has transferred and operated several commercial facilities. 
  • Contract Productions: BDI offers its production capacity for third parties’ batches (currently up to 100L but in continuous expansion), their knowledge, food grade installations (EU and US authorities approved) and operation structure to their customers
  • Project evaluations: BDI has a strong expertise in projects evaluations from lab to reality through our multiangle evaluations (technical, economical, sustainability, engineering, etc.).