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Contact information

Arantza Muriana
Paseo Mikeletegi 56, bajo
San Sebastián
Areas of activities
  • A. Health Biotechnology
    • Areas of activity
      • Drug discovery
      • Screening
  • B. Agrifood Biotechnology
    • Agriculture / veterinary / environmental
      • Environmental cleanup / testing
    • Food
      • Food safety
  • D. Services
    • R&D services
      • CRO / CMO / SMO
    • Professional services
      • Supplies and materials providers

Biobide, part of Bionaturis Group, is a CRO specialized in zebrafish animal model offering toxicity and efficacy assays to Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Chemical, Cosmetic and Nutraceutical companies through automated and innovative tools, adding value to clients R&D&i.

Products and services
  • Disease model generation
  • Target validation (with morpholinos)
  • Toxicity assays: acute toxicity, teratotoxicity, cardiotoxicity, hepatotoxicity, neurotoxicity, ototoxicity and ecotoxicity
  • Efficacy assays: oncology (angiogenesis inhibition), neurological diseases