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BIOREPOS introduces in the market a comprehensive package of specialized services related to the custody and management of biological samples at low temperature, including from a basic diagnosis service at customer´s facilities to the full outsourcing of their biological sample conservation processes.

On this regard, BIOREPOS has developed a strategic network of bio-repositories specifically designed for the optimal conservation and custody of biological collections based on the highest security, traceability and quality applicable standards.
The launch of the network begins with the creation of the first facilities in two strategic locations of the Iberian Peninsula: the bio-repository of Santiago de Compostela (Galicia) covering the northwest area, and the bio-repository of Rivas-Vaciamadrid (Community of Madrid) covering the whole interior territory. These two new infrastructures are complementing the already existing bio-repository in Hernani (Basque Country), which works at the north-central area of the peninsula.

These facilities have the capacity to preserve more than 13.5 million biological samples, both from human, vegetable or animal origin, at refrigeration, freezing, ultra-freezing and cryogenic temperatures.

Products and services

Bio-repository services:

  • Custody and storage: Collection and transport of biological samples from customers´ facilities to own bio-repository, reception and verification of the samples and coding models, custody and conservation at requested temperature, and final shipment or controlled destruction. The bio-repository facilities are designed based on the highest applicable quality, security, traceability and redundancy standards.
    • Real-time inventory updates and stock control.
    • Guaranteed cold-chain consultable in real time.
    • Last generation equipment.
  • Parallel bank: Storage of valuable biological samples in different physical locations. 
  • Emergency back-up: Reservation of storing space at a requested temperature available for an immediate transfer and storage of samples in emergency situations.

Specialized services:

  • On-site sample management: Comprehensive biological sample management at customer's facilities. Inventory control and update, implementation of software solutions for traceability and stock management, implementation of storage strategies for space optimization, daily operations management, shipment preparation, freeze and unfroze process control and quality and non-conformities management, among others.
  • Specialized and adapted consulting:
    • Diagnosis: Customer´s bio-repository facilities and management model audit, including enhancement proposals according to applicable regulations. Infrastructure analysis, risk management, low temperature equipment check, quality system and procedures analysis, staff training, sample workflow and inventory control, among others.
    • Quality management and certification: Implementation of quality management ad-hoc systems according to applicable regulations, adaptations to GPGs, GMPs and GTPs and preparation for audits of ISO 9001, Netcord-fact etc.
    • Management systems: Implementation of robust and FDA validated software-based systems for sample inventory and traceability management.
  • Audit: Ad-hoc audits adapted to customer’s specific requirements and support services for external audit processes.
Areas of interest for future collaborations

In BIOREPOS we are experts in the storage and custody of biological samples at low temperature and we would appreciate any type of collaboration proposal related to this topic or related knowledge areas.