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Parque Científico. C / Catedrático Agustín Escardino, 9 - 2ª Planta (Dpcho. 11)
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Bioval was formed at the end of 2006 to increase the opportunities and further develop the biotechnology sector and become a means of growth, both socially and economically, for the Valencian Region.

Products and services

Bioval is composed of more than 50 biotechnology companies located in the Valencian Region, as well as research and technology centers, universities, and hospitals whose R&D are oriented towards biotechnology.

Is the Valencian Community BioRegion. Bioval was created as a private initiative in 2006, since then it has dynamized the Valencian Biotech Sector through its more than 70 companies, universities, research centers and hospitals In 2010 an arrangement was signed with the Generalitat Valenciana to convert Bioval in the interlocutor with the Administration in any matter related with Biotechnology.

In addition to promote collaboration inside and outside the Valencian Community, Bioval makes effort to train Bioentrepreneurs and professionals with the annual Biotech Superior Course. And it is also powering BioBreakfast aimed to create synergies with international groups, promoting not only research projects but business deals too.

In 2011 Bioval stablished alliances between traditional sectors and Biotech sector in order to bring on innovative proccesses in mature sectors, opening new business opportunities. In other hand, Bioval is working closely with the MIT and Boston area companies to let Valencian companies show into their Biotech network.

Bioval supports Biotech companies in R&D project management, networking, divulgation, international visibility, etc. Everything free standingly done and with a complete business mind, acting as catalyst of the sector.