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Contact information

Mariano Barbero Martínez, Director Comercial
Calle Sirio, 14
+34 676 62 05 12
Areas of activities
  • D. Services
    • Professional services
      • Consultancy
      • Training and spreading
      • Sector dynamisation

DINAMIZA is an external company that supports the commercial area, strategy, HR and MKT, to accelerate the commercialization and sale specialized in the "COMMERCIAL ACCESS" and the "UTILIZATION" of medicines and health technology in the Spanish health market. We focus our services on the actions for training, planning and implementation, and we do so by relying on the "real actors of health management and decision", of Spanish public and private health. DINAMIZA also provides solutions in the process of locating and accessing private investment funds.

Products and services
  • COMMERCIAL ACCESS AND SALES STRATEGIES. We propose and collaborate in the development of plans to accelerate the commercial access of the company, we work from the interests of the main decision makers, macro and meso managers, clients - prescribers and patients. We count and rely on the "real actors of public and private health management and decision."
  • TRAINING. We support from basic training to the sales network, to adhoc training of public health systems and how do managers (of public and private health) make a decision or contract.
  • CUSTOMER INSIGHTS. We identify the needs, problems and interests of health managers and decision makers, and face them with the company's products and services, to know to what extent and in what way the company can respond to them and therefore be incorporated into health organizations. This section also includes different types of training sessions, role play companies for their sales network executives.
  • INVESTMENT / RISK CAPITAL. Based on our experience, we help entrepreneurs and entities in their process of access to VC and PE private funds.
Areas of interest for future collaborations

DINAMIZA propose:

  • TRAINING AND PERMANENT ADVICE FORUM. Collaboration in training and advice projects of DINAMIZA on the functioning of the health system, health management, market access, etc.
  • MENTORING. Collaboration in DINAMIZA projects to accompany and mentor industry professionals
  • COMMERCIAL VIABILITY - BIOTECH. Collaboration and assessment in reports and analysis of commercial viability of Start Up’s projects carried out by DINAMIZA, providing the vision of the health manager and health manager to these analyzes.