Contact information

EntreChem, SL
Francisco Morís, Cofundador y CEO
Edificio Científico Tecnológico, Campus "El Cristo",
Areas of activities
  • A. Health Biotechnology
    • Areas of activity
      • Biodrugs
    • Therapeutic areas
      • Oncology
  • D. Services
    • Professional services
      • Supplies and materials providers

Our objective is the discovery and development of bioactive new chemical entities (NCEs) from m icrobial natural products. We generate novel analogs by combinatorial biosynthesis of the corresponding metabolic pathways, identify the most promising candidates and advanced the preclinical development until demostration of efficacy in vivo.

Products and services

EntreChem offers genetic engineering for identification and manipulation of metabolic pathways from bacterial natural products of interest in the pharmaceutical (antibiotics, antitumorals, antifungals) and agro (insecticides, herbicides) sectors. EntreChem offers enantiopure products for medicinal chemistry and services of applied biocatalysis, as well as custom synthesis of optically pure compounds.

Areas of interest for future collaborations
  • Discovery and developmente of new drugs from natural products by genetic engineering and biocatalysis
  • Antibiotic and antitumoral activity assays (cellular and biochemical), target identification
  • Early preclinical in vivo studies (efficacy, PK)
  • Bioprocess scale-up