Noray Biosciences Group

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Contact information

Noray Biosciences Group (Noray BG)
Julio Font, Presidente
Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia . Edificio 801-A. 2ª planta

Noray BG is a holding group focussed on Biosciences, whose mission is to manage and integrate the companies in the Biosciences sector to enhance their access to the market and their internationalization.

Noray BG is currently composed by two companies: Histocell and NorayBio.

Products and services

Noray BG is a holding dedicated to the management of its companies (NorayBio and Histocell, at the moment), in different fields like strategic management, business development, internationalization, financial management and human resources.

Areas of interest for future collaborations

Noray BG's strategy for the near future is based on the continuous growth by means of collaboration agreements with other companies and institutions, development of new innovative products and acquisition or merger with new firms, everything done with the firm idea of motivating the expansion throughout the European and international market.