Sigma-Aldrich Química

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Contact information

Sigma-Aldrich Química (subsidiaria de Merck)
Javier Márquez, Sales Manager, South Europe Academic Research
Ronda de Poniente, 3
Tres Cantos
Areas of activities
  • A. Health Biotechnology
    • Areas of activity
      • In vitro diagnostics
      • Cellular Therapy
      • Gene Therapy
      • Vaccines
    • Therapeutic areas
      • Cardiovascular diseases and circulatory system
      • Genetic and rare diseases
      • Infectious diseases
      • Immunology
      • Oncology
      • Blood and lymphatic system
      • Central nervous system
      • Metabolic disorders / Endocrinology
  • B. Agrifood Biotechnology
    • Agriculture / veterinary / environmental
      • GM Crops
      • Other enhancement techniques (molecular marker..)
      • Animal health / Veterinary
    • Food
      • Functional Food
      • Substance detection
  • D. Services
    • R&D services
      • Biotechnolgy kits
      • Genomics
      • Metabolomics
      • Nanotechnology and in silico biology
      • Proteomics

Sigma-Aldrich is a leading Life Science and High Technology company. Our chemical and biochemical products and kits are used in scientific research and pharmaceutical development and our mission is to facilitate the science that makes the life better.

Products and services

Our chemical and biochemical products and kits are used in scientific research, including genomic, functional genomics and proteomic research, animal models, biotechnology, pharmaceutical development and the diagnosis of diseases: Antibodies. shRNA & siRNA. Oligonucleotides. Media, reactives and sera for cell culture. Zinc Finger Nucleases for Gene Editing. Animal Models. Reactives for iPS cells, etc.

Areas of interest for future collaborations

Sigma-Aldrich has developed an aggressive initiative for the evaluation of novel technologies that can enable the scientific community. This initiative provides Sigma-Aldrich with the opportunity to continue to offer new and novel technology-based products to researchers in academic, medical and industrial institutions, throughout the world. Technologies of Interest: Functional Genomics, RNAi, Gene Editing, Cell Biology, Live Cell Biosensors, Gene Expression, Proteomics, Stem Cells, Analytical and Material Science.