Vivotecnia Research


Contact information

Vivotecnia Research
Tres Cantos
Areas of activities
  • A. Health Biotechnology
    • Areas of activity
      • Cellular Therapy
      • Gene Therapy
      • Biomaterials and tissue therapy
      • Vaccines
    • Therapeutic areas
      • Immunology
      • Oncology
      • Blood and lymphatic system
      • Central nervous system
      • Respiratory and pulmonary system
  • B. Agrifood Biotechnology
    • Food
      • Food safety
  • D. Services
    • Professional services
      • Consultancy
      • Human Resources
  • CRO / CMO / SMO

Vivotecnia performs pre-clinical research on a contract basis. We offer reliable high quality investigation for the pharma and biotech industry.

Products and services

We offer solutions to research and development projects. We can perform a wide range of efficacy and toxicity studies. We are certified to work under GLP standards and can work with rodents, non rodents and dogs as required by FDA, EMEA and the rest of agencies around the world.

Areas of interest for future collaborations
  • Activity, efficacy and toxicity studies in in vitro and in vivo models
  • Managing services for animal facilities and animal models
  • Animal facility services and rooms to rent